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Courses are self-directed and super-powered.

There are somethings that you need to learn by doing. And you need to learn them on your schedule, not mine.

Courses are here for you:

  • self-directed so that you can refer to them as you need it,

  • return as often as you need to

  • densely informational so you learn what you need to know without a lot of extra fluff

From videos to worksheets, these courses are designed to address specific problems my clients face, and to provide support where you need it the most!


What do you get in a Thrive PhD Course?

You get access to:

  • A private, password protected site that is open 24/7/365 so that you can reference the material or work through the lessons whenever you’d like.

  • Videos, written information, worksheets, and resources to support your learning, and future exploration

  • Forever access - once you buy, it’s yours forever!



The original class! If you have a project that's hanging over your head, that you feel a twinge (or worse!) in your stomach when you think about it, then jumpstart! is for you. No matter where you are in the academic pipeline - from grad student to administrator - we can all use help in shifting what we believe about our work, our schedules, and our self-worth.

Jumpstart! is four weeks of exercises, with downloads and videos every week - make no mistake, this is a high-powered, high intensity way to dig in to your blocks, and find sustainable ways around them.

If you want a preview of what Jumpstart! is like - check out the Thrive PhD webinar, Constructive Clarity: Evaluation without shame! This is sort of like the pre-lesson to the content of the course - and it's free!


Time Management for Grad Students

A Thrive PhD webinar for everyone who wants better time management skills, but does NOT have control of part, or most, of their schedules. If you’ve ever wanted to be more efficient, have the ideal morning routine, or work on maximizing your schedule, this is for you. These are strategies and ways to think about your time that start from the knowledge that you do not have full control over your schedule!

Topics covered:

  • Ways to organize your time

  • Tools to help you plan and maintain a schedule

  • Ideas for building resilient routines, schedule blocks, and rituals

  • Strategies for communicating your boundaries and time needs to others

  • Ways to measure your time, and collect data on your habits

All registered will receive a PDF download full of worksheets, calendars, planning documents, and further resources.


Perfectionism: How to work with and around it

A Thrive PhD course addressing perfectionism, and all the obvious and subtle ways it can impact your grad school career (and beyond!) If you’ve ever struggled with impostor  syndrome, freezing in the face of criticism (or even the idea of criticism) or knowing when things are ready to share, this is for you!

Topics covered:

  • What perfectionism is, and what it isn’t

  • How it shows up differently based on identity, power, and situation

  • How to identify perfectionist tendencies and start to combat them

  • How to be more comfortable sharing work in progress

  • How to ask for criticism in a way that accounts for perfectionism

  • Strategies to manage and hopefully reduce fear, discomfort, and shame in your professional life

All registered will receive a recording of the webinar to keep, and a PDF download full of worksheets and further resources.