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What is developmental editing?


developmental editing is helping you make sense of the mess so that you can move forward

If you’ve ever looked at your first shitty draft, or your freewrite, and thought:

this isn’t even close to what humans would recognize as writing

then developmental editing is for you!

Think about developmental editing as the kind of feedback you need to help you see the whole picture. I can help you:

  • refine your argument (or completely overhaul it!)

  • restructure your writing

  • support your claims

  • reduce length (or add it!)

  • make arguments more clear

  • make your voice more distinct

  • and lots more!

The big difference is that this isn’t copy editing - we focus on the ideas, not the grammar. I am not afraid of any level of roughness! I’ve worked with outlines, with pages of sentence fragments, with half paragraphs, and with frankenstein drafts pulled from many different sources.


Questions about editing? Want a price quote? Send me a 5-10 page sample of your writing and a turnaround time and we’ll chat!

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Questions? Let’s talk.

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