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Frequently Asked Questions

One of the hard bits about running a network built on the idea of privacy is that I can’t just let you in and show you around! So I’ve compiled a bunch of the most frequently asked questions so that you can learn a little more and make an educated decision about whether or not Thrive PhD is a good fit for you!

Question not answered here? Reach out on our contact page and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

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What's the rhythm of the network?

There's an accountability post every week day, a curriculum post on Mondays that you can work through at your own pace, and another article on Wednesday, expanding on the themes and tools for that week. There is also a weekly coaching call, but it's recorded so you can watch it when you want to!

How much time will it take?

Is this a multiple hours a day thing?

Nope, not at all! Members report that it takes them less than 15 minutes a day to answer the accountability posts, read through any posts and comment on your group members' updates. You can definitely spend more time, working together in the main channel, attending coaching calls, or working through the curriculum, but it definitely isn't something that you're expected to do for hours at a time. 

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Do I have to be in a specific time zone?

Nope! We have members all over the world, and there are usually people around no matter what time of day! I make a real effort to schedule things as diversely as I can so that people aren’t excluded because they’re working when I’m asleep. But we also have a group, Date Line Surfers, that work together on the other side of the date line!

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What happens if I need to take a break or be away?

Happens to everyone - just let us know and come back when you can. Breaks are normal, and no one will shame or judge you for stepping away. 

How anonymous can I be?

As anonymous as you'd like! Since we run on Mighty Networks, we are not affiliated with any social network (like Facebook or Twitter), and there's no requirement that you use a work email or .edu address. You set your own profile up so once you enroll, you can use a fake name, a middle name, just your initials - whatever makes you feel comfortable. You don't even have to to tell us your field, location, or use a picture. 

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What do users think?

Glad you asked! Here are a few of our members talking about what they've enjoyed or found useful so far:

  • I've been surprised and deeply appreciative of the level of insight I have achieved so far through my participation in Thrive PhD. In particular, it has helped me to identify patterns in my thinking and behaviours that I hadn't noticed before, and adjust my working processes based on these to better suit the challenges I face as a PhD student. Best of all, much of what I have learned is based on tools that I can apply again in the future as my needs change.

  • Thrive PhD is an excellent space for students at any stage of their grad school journey. The focus on celebrating wins, no matter how small, and working through the hard days thoughtfully and with compassion makes Thrive a safe and constructive place you know you can always come back to. Katy's genuine help, care, and encouragement is far beyond what I had hoped for when I joined.

  • Thrive has provided me with a supportive community. The check-ins provide an opportunity to reflect, while also let you see you're not alone in feeling overwhelmed. The curriculum provides great tools to try out and adapt to your needs. It's such a great experience!

  • Thrive is the PhD community I've been seeking to support me on what seems like an incredibly isolating PhD journey. I haven't been able to find my "tribe" in my own PhD program, despite my best efforts to build community. I appreciate the daily accountability (and the opportunity for a bit of whinge every now and then is cathartic), the flexibility of work sessions with other students, having connections with PhD students from around the world makes me feel well-supported and heard! (Everybody just wants to be heard!). I also love hearing the practical and thoughtful feedback from my peers and from Coach Katy when I share a struggle or problem I'm dealing with. It helps to see how other people have tackled similar situations and can offer a fresh perspective. I also like that I can share resources that I've found helpful with others!