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Writing Groups Fall 2019

My writing group was the key to moving forward in my dissertation, but a good one is so hard to find! Invest in a writing group with Thrive PhD and you won’t have to worry about all the logistics, or even finding other members.

These eight week programs are designed to support your writing at a face pace - not only will you check in each week to set and revise your writing goals, but you’ll receive at least two rounds of feedback from your group members. Plus I’ll be on hand to manage deadlines, facilitate the swaps, and ensure that everyone gets quality feedback.

Focus on your writing, and let the power of the writing group do the rest.


Small groups for more writing feedback

You’ll be in a group with four other members - so you’ll really get to know their projects, and they’ll really get to know yours. Because we swap writing every week, you’ll have multiple rounds of feedback focused on your work. So if you’ve been looking for a place to send that early draft, or are nervous about sending things to your advisor or a journal, you can rest a little easier knowing that multiple people are looking at and checking your writing.

Each member will submit 10 double-spaced pages (or less) each week, so the workload will be manageable. And with the submission forms that each member fills out to guide the feedback, you can rest assured that no one will be commenting on your grammar when you want them to focus on the argument, or vice versa.

Weekly goal setting sessions and check-in, facilitated by a coach

At the beginning of each writing group session, there will be a check in with me. We’ll update each other on our progress, talk through our blocks, reflect on our systems, and set new goals for the week. So even if it isn’t your week to receive feedback, there will still be structured time to reflect on your progress.

Plus, you’ll have access to our private coaching site, where you can track your word count, see graphs and other metrics quantifying your process, and fill out an accountability journal if you’d like.

Get feedback from diverse audiences, and read more widely yourself

The writing groups were designed to be interdisciplinary, an ideal space for fostering clear and concise communication. You will get feedback on how your writing works as writing - from smart people who have the benefit of some disciplinary distance from you and your work. While your group members might not be able to provide deep disciplinary knowledge, they will be able to show you where your writing is clearest, and what arguments are the most compelling.

Plus, reading the work of your group mates will expose you to new ideas, and new methods of writing. You’ll find new ways to communicate ideas, and be well practiced in collaborating with all kinds of thinkers.

Fall 2019 Writing Group Schedule


Two times to fit your schedule, but spaces are limited!

Writing groups begin in mid April and run through early July - new groups will be starting for the summer as well - details in May! Only ten spots are available in each group, so don’t delay!

Thursdays, 6:00 - 7:00 PM EDT (New York)

September 5 - October 31 (8 sessions + a kickoff)

Saturdays, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT (New York)

September 7 - November 9 (8 sessions + a kickoff, no meeting September 21)


Registration open now for our Fall 2019 writing groups!


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