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Individual Coaching

Personalized support to

get you where you want to go


Sometimes you need something made just for you.

  • Fitting writing into busy schedules of teaching, work, and personal obligations

  • Restarting after time away from writing

  • Working effectively with advisors and committees 

  • Setting healthy routines, focusing on wellness and sustainability

  • Managing mental health and neurodiversity in graduate school

  • Preparing for a diverse range of career options after graduate school

  • Improving teaching, from syllabus prep to meeting with students


Figure out what you want, and make a plan to get it.

Coaching is a commitment, in both time and energy. Here is more about what you can expect from working one on one with me.

  • Sign up for either a monthly commitment (one or two session a month, for three or six month commitments) or buy a package of sessions to use at your discretion.

  • Fill out intake forms and/or have a free 30 minute consultation with me to figure out how we can best work together.

  • You get access to a private coaching site, where our session notes are stored, you can track your progress, you can keep track of all of your action items, and we can take notes together. All of this helps keep you on track between sessions.

  • Sessions will focus on digging into the work, after a check in/debrief. We’ll go over your progress, refine your goals, and troubleshoot any problem areas. We’ll also celebrate what IS going well before making a plan for the time until our next session.

  • Something come up? Send me a message on our coaching site or over email and we’ll get through it together.

Is individual coaching right for me?

You’re ready to go there.

Do you have a sticky spot? Something that’s been holding you back? Are you ready to finally go there, figure it out, and make a plan forward?

You need help zooming out.

Do you need help seeing the big picture, or how all the parts will come together? Are you feeling like a different person in each area of your life?

You want support.

Do you need encouragement and motivation? Are you ready for someone who puts your goals, your values, and your future plans at the heart of every conversation and plan?

Questions? Let’s talk.

Nervous about coaching? Not sure if this is the tool you need? Want to meet me first to see if we click? Have a question and just need to talk to some one?

Schedule a 30 minute consultation - we'll talk about where you are, where you want to go, and what you are looking for in terms of coaching to see if we are a good fit!  No pressure, just more information.

Do not worry about “wasting my time” with an appointment - these are here for you!