Perfectionism - How to work with and around it

Perfectionism - How to work with and around it


A Thrive PhD course addressing perfectionism, and all the obvious and subtle ways it can impact your grad school career (and beyond!) If you’ve ever struggled with impostor syndrome, freezing in the face of criticism (or even the idea of criticism) or knowing when things are ready to share, this is for you!

Topics covered:

  • What perfectionism is, and what it isn’t

  • How it shows up differently based on identity, power, and situation

  • How to identify perfectionist tendencies and start to combat them

  • How to be more comfortable sharing work in progress

  • How to ask for criticism in a way that accounts for perfectionism

  • Strategies to manage and hopefully reduce fear, discomfort, and shame in your professional life

All registered will receive 24/7/365 access to the course, and a PDF download full of worksheets and further resources.

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