Time Management for Grad Students

Time Management for Grad Students


A Thrive PhD course for everyone who wants better time management skills, but does NOT have control of part, or most, of their schedules. If you’ve ever wanted to be more efficient, have the ideal morning routine, or work on maximizing your schedule, this is for you. These are strategies and ways to think about your time that start from the knowledge that you do not have full control over your schedule!

Topics covered:

  • Ways to organize your time

  • Tools to help you plan and maintain a schedule

  • Ideas for building resilient routines, schedule blocks, and rituals

  • Strategies for communicating your boundaries and time needs to others

  • Ways to measure your time, and collect data on your habits

All registered will have 24/7/365 access to the course, and a PDF download full of worksheets, calendars, planning documents, and further resources.

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