Webinar: Revising Your Own Work

Webinar: Revising Your Own Work


A Thrive PhD webinar for writers of all levels who need to be able to effective evaluate their own writing. Revising your own work is tough enough as it is, but when your access to feedback is limited and the stakes of your work are high, it becomes even more important to be an effective and efficient reviser.

Topics covered:

  • Where to start with revisions

  • How many drafts are too many drafts?

  • How to revise an argument

  • Proofreading vs. Revising

  • Tools and tips to proofread your own writing

  • Strategies to keep yourself invested during the revision process

The session is recorded live on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 2 pm EST, with time for questions. All registered will receive a recording of the webinar to keep, and a PDF download full of worksheets, planning documents, and further resources.