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doing grad school better. 

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What is thrive phd?

grad school can be better.

Thrive PhD started as a community for grad students, and that is still our flagship program!

Thrive PhD is a 12 week program designed to give graduate students support, structure, and resources to make their experience a fulfilling one. We enroll for our cohorts 4 times a year, but we also send out weekly emails with free resources, have online courses, and a planner in the works!

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group coaching experiences for scholars in all situations.


Ways to Thrive with Thrive PhD

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Thrive PhD Community

The program that started it all - learn more about what makes our community special, and how it can help you move forward as a grad student into what’s next.

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Group Coaching

All the power of coaching, with all the benefits of community support and accountability.

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Individual Coaching

Sometimes you just need something personalized. You also can work with Dr. Katy Peplin one on one.

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On demand ways to learn something on your terms, in your own time.


Get in on this.

You don’t have to buy a course or enroll in Thrive PhD to get help with graduate school. Sign up for our newsletter to get resources, tools, and strategies for grad school and beyond for free every week.

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