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doing grad school better. 

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What is thrive phd?

grad school can be better.

A place for graduate students to meet, make plans, be held accountable, work together, and get support and guidance on this whole grad school thing. Learn more about what makes us different, and how we can help! 

Thrive PhD is a 12 week program designed to give graduate students support, structure, and resources to make their experience a fulfilling one. We enroll for our cohorts 4 times a year, but we also send out weekly emails with free resources, have online courses, and a planner in the works!

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a place for graduate students to work together without shame.

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12 weeks of curriculum

Every week, there's a curriculum post about a grad life topic (teaching! job searching! stress! scheduling!) with resources for you to work through on your own time. We cover all the things you wish you knew already about academia, work habits, job searching, writing and more, without ever shaming you for not knowing about it already.

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Every week day, members can post about their progress in their small groups. Coaches and other members can comment, cheer, offer suggestions, and generally just care about whether the work and life are getting done. 

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Almost every day (and nearly every hour) you can find someone to work with in our Work Together sessions. We meet once a week over Zoom to discuss the curriculum and all the other things that impact grad school life - and just in case you can’t make it, there’s a recording!

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Our founder, Dr. Katy Peplin, provides feedback on daily accountability posts, works together with everyone in our work sessions, and is on hand for any questions that might come up. She’s been through it, so she gets what this whole thing is, and makes Thrive PhD a place where we all do it together.


Get in on this.

You don’t have to buy a course or enroll in Thrive PhD to get help with graduate school. Sign up for our newsletter to get resources, tools, and strategies for grad school and beyond for free every week.

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